Congratulations to all our 2015 Finishers!

Need answers? Check here for our most frequently asked questions!

Where can I find results?
Official results for the 2015 San Diego Half Marathon, Relay and 5K are now available on our Results page.

I saw photographers along the course – how do I see and order those photos?
View and order photos from our official race photographers from MarathonFoto here.

When can I register for the 2016 San Diego Half Marathon & 5K?
We will announce the opening of 2016 registration in the next few months. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, and subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter on the bottom right of our homepage to stay informed!

What are the road closures & timing for the course?
For information regarding local road closures the morning of Sunday, March 8, 2015, please visit the Community Info page on our website.

How do I register for the San Diego Half Marathon or 5K?
Online registration for the 4th Annual San Diego Half Marathon & 5K is now closed. You can register for the half marathon or 5K on-site at the Sport, Health and Fitness Expo on Friday, March 6 from 3 PM – 7 PM, or Saturday, March 7, from 9 AM – 5 PM. On-site registration prices are as follows:

  • Half Marathon: $125
  • 5K:  $55
  • 2-Person Half Marathon Relay: sold out

Can I track runners along the course?
Yes! We have FREE live tracking available for all runners. Please visit Results to learn more and sign up.

What is the capacity of the number of runners that can participate?
The half marathon is limited to 7,500 runners the 5K race is limited to 1,200 runners.

What is the best way to get updates on the event?
There are several ways to keep updated:  1 – Like us on Facebook; 2 – Sign up to receive our newsletter at the bottom of our website homepage; and/or 3 – follow us on Twitter. All past & present registrants will automatically receive updates via email from: info@sdhalfmarathon.com.

Where can I find past race results?
View 2014 Race Results here. View 2013 Race Results here. And view 2012 Race Results here.

What is the route for the half marathon?
For details about the race route, including a downloadable PDF map & elevation profile, visit: The Course

What is the route for the 5K?
For details about the race route including a downloadable PDF map & elevation profile, visit: 5K Course

Where can I get coffee on the morning of the race?
Here are some options for coffee shops that will be open bright and early along with you on race day!

View Larger Map

How do I know what my wave number & exact start time will be?
Your actual start time is based on your race and wave number assignment, which will be listed on your race bib.  Waves are staggered approximately 2 mins apart, with Wave 1 beginning at 7:20am.

The 2015 Wave number assignment chart is listed below:

2015 waves

How do I confirm my registration or find out my Bib Number?
If you would like to confirm your registration, please visit our online Bib# Lookup, and enter your first & last name exactly as when you registered. (For example, if you registered as John Doe Jr., be sure to include the “Jr.” after your last name.)  The Bib# Lookup also serves as confirmation of your team affiliation.

Where is race packet pick-up at the Sport, Health & Fitness Expo?
A 2-day Expo will be held at the beautiful Broadway Pier on Friday, March 6th, & Saturday, March 7 to facilitate race packet pick-up for the half marathon, relay & 5k.  The Expo is FREE & open to the public and will feature our selection of vendors, with samples targeted towards health & fitness-minded individuals.  To learn more about the Expo, including parking details & hours, please visit: Expo or consult the final instructions.  Final instructions will be emailed to each participant the week prior to race day.

I will not be able to pick up my race packet at the Expo. What are my options?
If you are unable to pick up your race packet at the Expo, we have the following option available for you:
1 – If you register before February 1st, 2015, you can purchase the race packet via mail delivery for $30 as part of your registration.
2 – a friend or family member may pick up your race packet as long as they have a copy of the participant’s valid photo ID and signed Waiver.
3 – You can purchase a VIP upgrade in our Store and pick-up your packet in the VIP pre-race reception on race morning.

I am registered for the half marathon.  How can I switch to the 5K?
To switch from the half marathon to 5K, you can pick-up your half marathon packet then run the 5K with your bib and no further action is required.  Keep in mind that shuttles to 5K Start depart from Petco Park’s Tailgate lot beginning at 6:00am, so please arrive early.  The last shuttle departs at 6:45am and the 5K start time is 7:14am.

I am registered for the 5K.  How can I switch to the half marathon?
To transfer from the 5K to the half marathon, please email info@sdhalfmarathon.com  and we will email you instructions to transfer races, provided the half marathon is not sold out.

I am unable to participate in the half marathon or 5K.  Can I transfer my bib or receive a refund?
As stated in our policy, all race entries are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Is there a time limit?  / Do you allow walkers?
Yes, the half marathon has a time limit of 3 hours 30 minutes (approximately a 16 minute per mile pace). If you’re not on pace to finish within the time limit at the halfway point, you may need to be picked up by our shuttles, or turn around.  The 5K has a time limit of 1 hour (approximately a 19 minute per mile pace) due to the half marathon coming up from behind and, if not on pace, you may be asked to finish as a pedestrian.  You will receive a finisher’s medal regardless of your finish time.

Are there aid stations along the route?
Yes, aid stations are strategically positioned all along the half marathon and 5K routes, approximately every 2 miles. To learn more, visit: The Course

Are strollers or wheelchairs allowed on the course?
Unauthorized bicycles, motorized vehicles, wheelchairs and strollers not permitted on the course due to safety concerns.

Am I allowed to bring my own water bottle?
Yes, and we encourage this eco-friendly option. Each aid station will include fresh water to refill your bottle, as necessary.

Are iPODs, iPhones and other personal listening devices permitted?
Yes, we are an mp3-player friendly race. However, for your safety, please adjust your volume so that you are aware of your surroundings at all times.

Will the race, expo or post event be canceled in the event of rain?  What is the average temperature?
We anticipate beautiful weather this time of year in San Diego, but it’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast a few days before the race so you can prepare & dress appropriately.  The expo, race and post-event will be held whether there is sun, rain or anything in between.  In March, the average temperature is 66º F (19ºC).

Does the race have gear check?
Yes,  both the half marathon, relay & 5K have an official gear check bag & the drop-off locations are adjacent to their respective start lines.  For details, please refer to the final instructions which is sent via email to all registered participants the week before race day.

I am active duty in the military and just got orders to be transferred out of San Diego. Can I transfer my registration to someone else?
Transfers are not allowed for any registration, however, active military who received orders may choose to either defer their entry to the following year’s race or receive a refund. Email your request with a copy of your orders to:  info@sdhalfmarathon.com

I’ll be traveling in from out of town. Do you have any hotel blocks reserved?
Yes, we have partnered with several great hotels, including the Hilton Gaslamp & Omni Hotel, as both are conveniently located within walking distance of both the start & finish.  Due to a large convention, however, all downtown hotels will sellout, so book early!  To learn more, visit: Travel & Hotels

If I’m not registered for the half marathon or 5K, can I attend the Sport, Health & Fitness Expo?
Yes, the Sport, Health & Fitness Expo is free and open to the public on Friday, March 6th & Saturday, March 7, 2015. Learn more, please visit: Expo

What information will I need to know in order to register?
In addition to your name, address, phone, and credit card, you will be asked to submit the following as part of the online registration process:

  • estimated finish time (see next FAQ if you need help estimating your finish time)
  • date of birth
  • shirt size
  • an emergency contact and phone number
  • city and state (this will be listed with your results)
  • electronic waiver
  • bib personalization (optional, up to 8 characters, due by Feb 1, 2015)
  • SMS phone number (optional, for last minute race updates)
  • additional options including VIP, post-race meals, and the San Diego – Mammoth Challenge upgrades are also available.  For detailed descriptions of VIP and other meal options, please visit our online Store.

How do I estimate my finish time?
For your convenience, use the table below to help estimate your finish time.  In order to group together similarly-paced runners, we request that you base your estimate on your most recent training pace or race results.  (Enlarge by clicking on the chart below to download the PDF version.)

What is the San Diego Half Marathon & 5K?
The San Diego Half Marathon is a 13.1-mile (21 km) race that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of San Diego, while raising money to help local communities & charities. A     2-person half marathon relay (6.55 miles or 10.5 kilometer per person) and a 5K (3.1-mile or 5 kilometer) race option will also be held on the same day.  To learn more about the race routes, visit: The Course (or the 5K Course)

What is the San Diego Relay?
The San Diego Relay is a 2-person, half marathon race – each person runs 6.55 miles!  To learn more about the relay, visit: Relay

What is the “San Diego – Mammoth Challenge”?
If you finish both the San Diego Half Marathon and the Mammoth Half Marathon in the same calendar year, you will receive an additional extra-large commemorative “San Diego – Mammoth Challenge” medal!  Both events are hosted by the same non-profit organization and 100% of net proceeds benefit their respective local communities & causes.   To learn more, please visit:  Take the Challenge

What is the Celebrate San Diego Event?
“Celebrate San Diego” at the Gaslamp Block Party is our post-race event that will take place concurrently and after the San Diego Half Marathon & 5K on March 8, 2015. To learn more about the post-event, visit: Celebrate

If I’m not registered for the half marathon or 5K, can I attend the Celebrate San Diego Gaslamp Block Party?
Yes, friends & family of runners, local residents & tourists alike are encouraged to join the festivities downtown! To learn more, visit: Celebrate

Where can my friends watch me along the course?
The best places to watch runners &/or dine along the route are highlighted in our Spectator Guide.  To learn more, please visit: Spectator Guide

How much of the course is asphalt versus cement?
The half marathon course is 98% asphalt, 1.5% concrete and 0.5% compact dirt.  The 5K is 100% asphalt.

For further inquiries, please email:  info@sdhalfmarathon.com