Spectator Guide

Find important information to help you plan your day and cheer on your family or friend member as they participate in the San Diego Half Marathon or 5K on Sunday, March 8, 2015!

FREE Live Runner Tracking

This year, the San Diego Half Marathon is featuring the latest in real-time race tracking by providing Live Results via our partner RTRT.me.

Tracking will be available starting on race morning, March 8, 2015. Enter the bib or name below, or click on the “Sign up now” button to receive email or text alerts!

Features Include:

  • Live Web Tracker & Leaderboard: Provides times and current pace, usually within 10 seconds of a participant crossing a split point. After the first split, estimated times for the next point and finish will also be provided (based on current pace). Visit the Web Tracker on either an iOS or Android device for a mobile optimized experience.
  • Real-time Facebook / Twitter Notifications: Automatic posting as progress is made on the course. As a spectator, the times of the person you are tracking can be posted to your Facebook / Twitter feed automatically, allowing friends and family to share in the excitement. If you are a participant, claim your profile and enable Facebook / Twitter notifications. Your stats will post live as you pass each checkpoint.
  • Live Map Tracking: Estimated Participant locations will be plotted on the Interactive Course Map progress is made throughout the course. The position of each participant is estimated based on their most recent timing split pace.
  • Text Notifications: Sign up online or by texting the bib # to 37619 to have splits texted to your mobile phone via SMS.

PLEASE NOTE: Web Tracker & Facebook/Twitter/Text results are UNOFFICIAL! Official results are posted upon completion of the event. Locations plotted on map are estimates only (not actual).

Detour Information
Many roads along the San Diego Half Marathon and 5K courses will be closed on race day, Sunday, March 8, 2015. Review our Course Maps and the Community Info to avoid delays in traveling to your spectator viewing spot of choice.

Watch Your Runner Along The Route

Miles 0 – 1: Downtown / Gaslamp / Marina District

  • Line up near the Omni Sky Bridge on Tony Gwynn Drive to see your runner start.
  • Pick a spot anywhere along Market St. (between J St. and Union St.) or Pacific Highway if you want to see your runner just after starting.
  • You can also refer to the businesses listed under Miles 12 – 13 if you want an early morning snack.
  • Street parking on Sundays is free downtown, or there are plenty of Paid Parking Lots & Garages.

Miles 2 – 3: North Harbor Drive / San Diego Bay

  • Hang out on the west side of North Harbor Drive anywhere from the Maritime Museum north to the airport for a beautiful view of San Diego Bay, plus a chance to cheer on your runner.

Mile 4: Harbor Island

  • Enjoy one of the best views of downtown San Diego and bring your lawn chairs to Harbor Island Drive Park. You’ll get to see your runner as they make the turn around back towards the San Diego International Airport.

Miles 4 – 5: Spanish Landing Park

  • Many of our participants are running for a cause. Visit Cancer Survivors Park at Spanish Landing to see your runner a quarter of the way through their tour of San Diego.

Miles 5 – 6: NTC Park / Liberty Station

  • There’s plenty of grass to park a lawn chair at NTC Park
  • Grab a coffee and pastry from Liberty Station’s Con Pane (on the corner of Dewey and Historic Decatur Road).
  • Note traffic might be heavy getting into and out of Liberty Station on Sunday mornings due to services at the Rock Church at 8 am and 10 am (runners should be past this point by 9:30 am).

Mile 8.5: Washington Street Intersection with India Street

  • Runners might need some motivation before taking on the biggest elevation change in the course – the Washington Street hill.
  • Grab a coffee from Gelato Vera or burrito from Lucha Libre (featured on Man vs Food – opens at 11 am), both located where India Street intersects with Washington.
  • Metered spots on India Street (one way street heading north) are free on Sundays.

Miles 9 – 10 | 5K Start: Mission Hills / Hillcrest

  • Be sure to stop by our sponsor, Big City Bagels, before you get comfy in your watching spot for delicious, healthy bagels with no fat, cholesterol, food additives, or chemical preservatives. Opens at 6 am.
  • Give runners a well-deserved extra boost (they’ll need it after completing the Washington Street hill!) by lining up along University Avenue, or get here early to watch the 5K runners start their race (5K waves start at 7:14 AM).
  • Relax on the vibrant patio at Bread & Cie (350 University Ave.) with a hot cup of coffee and an order of lemon pugliese bread — you’ll be glowing and ready to cheer on your loved ones as they run past you. Opens at 8 am.
  • Rise and shine at Fig Tree Cafe (416 University Ave.) with an antioxidant acai berry mimosa and windnsea omelet; you can sit on the eclectic urban patio and enjoy the marathon scenery. You might just have enough energy to run alongside your loved ones for at least a mile! Opens at 8 am.
  • Take a seat in a cozy booth window side, and indulge in a warm batch of fresh pancakes, juice and coffee – you’ll be dining at the iconic City Deli (535 University Ave.), open for business almost 30 years, as you watch your loved ones round out mile 10 of the 1/2 marathon. Opens at 7 am.
  • Metered parking spots are free on Sundays.

Miles 11 – 12 | 5K Miles 0 – 1: 6th Ave / Balboa Park

  • There are plenty of grassy spots along 6th Avenue on the west side of Balboa Park to wait for your runner.
  • Metered parking spots are free on Sundays, plus there is plenty of free parking on side streets in the area.

Miles 12 – 13 | 5K Miles 2 – 3: Downtown / Gaslamp

  • Find a spot along 6th Avenue north of E Street or 5th Avenue between E St and J St to watch runners’ faces as they see the finish in the distance!
  • Get a bite to eat at nearby spots along the route – TheVillage@631 (631 9th Ave.), Zanzibar Cafe (707 G St. – opens at 8 am), The Mission (1250 J St. – opens at 7 am), Cafe Chloe (721 Ninth Ave. – opens at 8:30 am).
  • Grab a coffee or bagel at Starbucks (1011 Market St.- opens at 5:00 am) and Brooklyn Bagel & Bialy (1000 Island Ave.).
  • Treat yourself to a celestial goodie from Heavenly Cupcakes (518 6th Ave. – opens at 10:00 am).
  • Metered parking spots are free on Sundays.

Gaslamp Block Party Finish:

Gaslamp Block Party Map w/ Discounts
Eat, Shop & Play at the Celebrate San Diego @ The Gaslamp Block Party event! Stay tuned for exclusive deals for San Diego Half Marathon & 5K participants & spectators!

Tips for Spectators

  • Plan a place along the route ahead of time so your loved one can look forward to seeing you. They might even see you first, so be sure to wear something they can spot easily.
  • Make a sign with your loved one’s name or encouraging words for all the runners. You have the chance to encourage all the participants with a simple piece of paper and a marker!
  • Cheer…loudly! Runners can get a second wind just from hearing a “Great job!”, “Keep it up” or “Looking good!” On the other hand, avoid phrases such as “You’re almost there!” unless you are close to the finish line.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Chances are that you will have to stand and wait for your loved one for a little while, even if you estimate their times.
  • Bring layers of clothes. It will be cool in the early morning, even if the forecast calls for sunny skies. Later in the morning, you may need to shed some layers. Plus, don’t forget the hat, sunglasses and SPF.
  • Bring a camera. While runners will get a photo of themselves at the end of the race, many will want their mid-route strides captured for posterity!
  • Support your local businesses. There are plenty of great restaurants, coffee shops and more along our route. Stop in and grab a snack before you get to your spectator viewing spot.